Great Migration

Access remote corner of the Serengeti with Ian’s camp which follow the wild beast migration all year around.

If you are looking for an authentic way to explore Tanzania wilderness long way from the crowds? Ian’ camp is truly one-of-a-kind to follow the great migration.

Our small comfortable camp in the heart of Serengeti offers you a non-stop safari experience. They are designed to fit on a small frailer that can easily be towed in to the bush, allowing for movement as the animals move.

Ian ‘camp is comfortable camp style is easy to set-up with plenty of space for two people. It is great for a night rest in really remote areas you sleep on confortable mattresses on the ground and the bedding is Colton covered duvets and Colton sheets. The bathroom is outside the tent a bit distance behind the tent. Toilets are shallow pit latrines and a tree shower.

Ian’ camp operate in the most environmentally sustainable manner use low impact energy creation wherever we can, to avoid impact in the area which we operate in.