About Tanzania

This picturesque country, 930,704 sq. kms in size, lies just south of the Equator on the East coast of Africa. Its cosmopolitan population of 45 million people come from 120 different tribes, all contributing to the country’s rich cultural heritage. Tanzania is one of the most popular countries’   in African, and for good reason. The warm climate natural scenery, fantastic wildlife and friendly people all combine for a great vocation experience. The country has over 120 ethnic groups and there are plenty of cultural practices to learn, delicious traditional food.


The local unit currency is the Tanzania Shilling which these days in freely convertible within Tanzania for U.S$ and other currencies. There are numerous banks and bureau de change in many towns, and most lodges and hotels will exchange  and hotels will exchange currency or travelers cheques at reasonable rates. It is not possible to obtain Tanzania shillings  outside the country, and it is illegal to export more than a small amount. Many items or services are priced and paid for in U.S $, so do not convert more funds into the local currency than you need for incidental expenses.


The official language of Tanzania is Swahili. This is spoken and understood by the great majority of the population, many of whom also speak a tribal language. There is a wide  usage and understanding of English, and virtually everyone the average tourist is likely to meet in the course of their safari will be fluent.